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Developmental editing, line-editing, proofreading: I do it all. Fiction, essays, beyond. I love giving comprehensive feedback, but my passion is for helping you craft sentences, develop momentum, eliminate reader distraction, and illuminate the that-which-is-ness about your work. In other words, I don’t want to change your voice; I want to reify it.  I want to make the page immersive. I want to help you gain control and confidence.

REIFY:  |ˈrēəˌfīverb — make (something abstract) more concrete or real. 

Rates: I  charge anywhere from $20-$45/hour, depending on the project. Less for proofreading, more for developmental or line-level editing. I also perform beta-reads. Say you just want me to read your manuscript and give you a two-page, holistic assessment? Email me (cook.joshuap@gmail.com) to schedule a consultation.

Recent Projects:

Curing Cancer with Immunotherapy  by  Rene and Edward Chee (memoir/health)

The Worlds We Think We Know: Stories by Dahlia Rosenfeld. (Short fiction, Milkweed Editions)

Alone in the Furnace: Two Americans, a Hometown Hero, and the Early Days of the Chinese Basketball Association by Andrew Crawford (journalism)


With meticulous creativity, Joshua Cook first line-edited, then copy-edited our 100,000-word narrative/expository book. He intelligently navigated an area of medicine and science (cancer immunotherapy), even though new to it. Leaving no stone unturned, he helped clarify and strengthen every sentence, paragraph and concept. He even went above and beyond his line-editing responsibilities and provided thoughtful developmental ideas, ultimately inspiring us to position our book for a broader general audience (not just cancer patients and caregivers). Josh was always pleasant and easy to work with. We are grateful for Josh’s diligence and attentiveness in helping us complete this major project.

Rene Chee, PhD and Edward Chee, MS,
Authors of Curing Cancer with Immunotherapy